A stronger AR foot of Apple and Samsung

APPLE’S AR spot in the market.

Apple CEO Tim Cook called augmented reality “the next big thing. The industry analysts, who predict that this year’s iPhone and iPad will come with AR equipment built in. And, for the future, they’re optimistic about Apple’s rumored AR glasses. Apple is firm on taking initiatives next year on the new augmented reality 3D rear sensors for the iPhone and the likely debut of Apple’s AR headset. Sources tell that Apple is to launch its headset in 2020, featuring holographic displays in the lenses. However, the exact form and use cases of the headset are unfamiliar. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had previously said that Apple is to launch an AR headset in the mid-2020 with a “third party collaboration.”

Furthermore, the AR glasses project remains hidden as mystery, even though the inauguration is said to be months away. However, the audience was able to witness plenty of examples of stereo AR headset support appearing in iOS 13 code, but how the hardware will be is yet to be exposed and witnessed by the audience. Sources describe that the headset as glasses, “to display simple things such a texts, emails, maps and games over the user’s field of vision.” Despite the hype about it, the publication says that the release schedule for Apple’s AR hardware may be further delayed if executives decide that it is not completely ready for prime time.

It has been said that Apple will debut sleep tracking for Apple watch in 2020, and may announce Macs that run on custom (presumably ARM-based) processors for the first time. Macs running ARM chips would help Apple control more of the core technology and has the potential to deliver significant improvements to MacBook battery life.


At CES 2020 (Consumer electronics show) Samsung displayed its first prototype of the augmented reality glasses. They didn’t mention any technical details about it, neither simple details such as the price, name or release date. It was predicted that Samsung didn’t mention any details as they were shown as a part of a concept demo on how AR could be used to improve your fitness. The demo was designed to show how Samsung’s GEMS (Gait Enhancing and Muscle Strengthening) system could be used in tandem with an AR trainer.

The Samsung presenter showed off the AR glasses and how it should function by selecting a workout and what looks like a digital Wii Fit Trainer to instruct them. This was all done like magic, with only a few waves of the hand. Augmented reality has been a part of Samsung from its recent smartphones, but the new AR glass seems to be connecting with the AR fans very well. People at the CES 2020 saw Samsung’s AR glass only for a couple of minutes, and had no idea about what is powering them or if they could be used in other uses cases. It left the audience confused as to why Samsung displayed the AR glasses to the audience in such away. But also realized that it is a good strategy to keep the Samsung fans hooked with the product and to increase the hype about it as people will keep assuming it’s possibilities and functions.