GlidAR Moments is UK based company that creates everlasting greeting moments for its clients. The company creates birthday cards, wedding, and party invitations, and anything that comes in a form of a card. Customers can simply place their orders for the greeting cards online with a photograph and a video attached to that moment.


GlidAR Moments was set out to reinvent the custom greeting card market by bringing life to printed greeting cards. The company wanted a platform that does not only provides innovative greeting solutions but also gamifies the experience for its users from designing to developing a custom AR greeting card. The company aimed at developing a solution that focuses beyond just an interaction.

They wanted to create something memorable and everlasting which their customers can always use and relate to. Having them all integrated into a single platform was indeed a challenge.


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We created an app that brings static images to life by using Augmented Reality technology. Once a customer places an order for a greeting card, they upload a photo and a video of the moment they want to display when the greeting is scanned using the GlidAR application. The image comes to life with sound, interaction, and more than anything it helps people to relive the most beautiful moments of their lives. The customers can scan their greetings any number of times and at any time they prefer. Also, the company is now able to collect valuable insights on their customers that they use for retargeting.