Augmented Reality 101 – An in-depth understanding of the state of AR in 2019

AR is technologically revolutionized software that integrates digital- visual content (even audio and other types) into the users’ real world via computer-generated perceptual information, creating an interactive experience for the user with only a click.

Still a bit too technical for you? Then here’s a more relatable explanation!

Imagine a still object in the real-world coming to life through a mobile app/ wearable device/camera connected to the computer or just about any other device that is AR compatible. The element that could only be seen at one point can now be heard, maybe even denote sensation depending on its nature.

Pretty cool right? Well, it’s not a technology of magic but simply the magic of technology.

Is Sri Lanka ready for AR?

It is not a matter of choice if Sri Lanka is ready or not, it is a matter of survival in this global market place.

Technology is rapidly advancing and we must keep up or become redundant. No one wants to buy yesterday’s news on a fresh print today – however, everyone would love to know what tomorrow’s news will be today! That is Augmented Reality; it is tomorrow’s news coming to life today, it is the newest, the latest marketing trend taking the world by storm.

On the flipside, Sri Lankan owned and operated technological startups like GlidAR are already ahead of their game.

If you haven’t checked out GlidAR yet, do it now, right now!

GlidAR is developed as an advertising tool for integrating AR with Marketing. It has successfully created a platform for businesses to promote their products and services, and users to enjoy the privilege of getting a holistic understanding of what they purchase by simply downloading the app and scanning over the integrations. For those of you not familiar with the term Integration, it is the act of combining or adding parts/characters to make a unified whole. These fiercely complicated developing of “integrations” is not for everyone, however scanning over it is as simple as pointing and shooting a picture from your phone – and that’s all you need to be aware of to experience AR.

GlidAR also comes in the form of a magazine with content that surprises the readers. GlidAR is the 1st AR lifestyle magazine to be launched in Sri Lanka (Another one of 1st for Team GlidAR). Content in every page in GlidAR mag is integrated to convert into digital- visual media for the readers to get a holistic understanding- to simply state- what they read is what they see, what they see is what it really is. To experience this, all the reader has to do is simply download the app and scan over the pictures/artworks in the pages of the magazine.

Is AR for everyone or just for the young and the tech Savvy?

AR is for everyone – no arguments there! Here are 2 simple reasons why!

  1. Though developing AR software is complicated and maybe not for everyone, for the end user it is a piece of cake! Technology that has the power to create a revolution is usually tremendously complicated in the hands of a programmer, yet carries the simplicity to get things done with a click of a fingertip in the hands of the user! All the user needs is a compatible device and an internet connection to download the app – everything else is only one click away!
  2. If you resist AR, you could face serious FOMO – that’s right FOMO – Fear of Missing Out. Imagine when everyone is using AR to make better-informed decisions that allow them to indulge in an experience even before being in possession of it, whilst you are conformed into the traditional ways of making decisions! Ask yourself this, why you would invest your hard-earned money on anything simply because someone is trying to sell it to you with all the right words when you can personally immerse in that experience and decide it for yourself!

On the other hand, if you are a marketer/ a businessman, the appeal of augmented reality lies with engagement. The interactive experiences you provide your target market lead users to develop a closer relationship with the brand. The closer the relationship the more loyal the customers become. With AR, opportunities for business are endless and limitless!

Why is AR such a big deal?

Augmented Reality has the potential -if not already done – to completely revolutionize the way we buy and sell furthermore to even manipulate supply and demand. Buyers will no longer have to just trust their instincts or take a leap of faith before cashing in for something, they wouldn’t have to rely on pictures/content that does not give justice of the actual product or fully conveys the real color, size or even its use.

Retailers will be able to reach a bigger and better target market without even having to interact with the potential buyer F2F. In a world where everyone is pressed for time, imagine having technology so advanced, you can sell your products to buyers who are not even present still giving them the real deal and more! Not only will you be able to have lesser customer complaints and reduce returns from customers who were not able to properly visualize products before delivery you would also be able to build a solid clientele based on trust and loyalty.

We may be in the early days of AR, however, its potential is evident, proven, signed, sealed and delivered. Many analysts foresee Augmented Reality to be a multi-billion-dollar industry in the coming years whilst the business giants in the world are investing millions of their R&D into a future that is AR. Augmented Reality is not just another technology floating in the background. As the Apple CEO, Tim Cook recently stated “AR is going to change everything” and who are we to