Augmented Reality in Automobile

Ferrari, the legend.

Transforming desires into choices in a swipe or touch is a great way to start a purchase. Innovation is the key to technology and AR has unlocked it, it’s the future but its already here. Imagine being able to dismantle your $300,000 sports car and being able to re-design it step by step with instructions and assemble it back effortlessly. Perhaps with the aid of augmented reality(AR), this is a viable and Ferrari brings you this convenience at your fingertips. We’re sure Ferrari doesn’t have a problem with selling its line of supercars. But when it comes to being one of the premier automakers in the world, Ferrari would want to make sure its customers have magical experience when they enter the showroom. This is why Ferrari has combined its forces with the developer Zspace to fabricate the Ferrari showroom app.

 This comprises of a software that uses 3D tracking technology which perceives the real cars in the showroom and allows the client to impose shapes and colors onto real-time images. This allows buyers to customize the car they are about to purchase, giving them more freedom to choice and bring out a completely personalized design to the Ferrari model. The app in the tablet lets viewers hold the device in front of their chosen vehicle and virtually change the rims, breaks and paint job with the help of the inbuilt manuals and diagrams. This helps to build a custom specification for their new ride without needing to order it first.

The case is that technologies continue to reshape modern retail, and customers become more demanding and tech-savvy which forces the addition of paint points to retailers’ plan and strategies.  And causes retailers to change their approach in order to gain a stronger customer base.

Zspace in collaboration with Ferrari has created this app in a world first for point of sale augmented reality. This uniquely designed augmented reality app helps to connect and build customer engagement and increases brand presence in showrooms across Australasia. The AR showroom app prods into the mythology of Ferrari and guides customers through a seven- step walk around, giving them a chance to witness the powertrain, a zoomed 3D view and what is under the skin and into the mechanics of these supreme exquisite cars.

Being able to provide potential buyers with a customized version of the car of their dreams within seconds is an astonishing capability. This app utilizes 3D tracking technology that has been developed by augmented reality specialists Metaio and this comprises of seven “feature spotlights” that customers can select. These features include an X-ray view of the chosen car and would show its components, a 3D virtual breakdown of the brake assembly, a visualization of the vehicle in a wind tunnel. It allows customers to select brake options on the app. For example, the wheel of the car will pop out and display the housing, brakes and even the type of screws that hold it in place and is feasible to substitute it with alternative options.

Metaio’s technology is capable of detecting the car by drawing guidelines and tracking the edges. when the camera in the app through a device is pointed in front of the Ferrari, it judges the distance between its panels, wheel arches, and other parts of its chassis and is done before overlaying the chosen graphics. Purchasers can hold the device steadily in front of the car with the help of a hired hand and can change the car’s color on the fly, all this whilst utilizing augmented reality tech to repaint it without needing to leave the showroom. Despite augmented reality’s widespread, for the moment this new AR app works with five models. Namely the 458 Speciale and Spider, the FF California, and the F12berlinetta. But the utilization of this feature could conceivably be used by its car manufactures in their other ranges too which however does not mean there will be unsold LaFerraris in dealerships. Right now this app has been rolled out in Japanese and Australian showrooms first but American customers will have to wait a while before they can see their augmented reality Ferraris as the appearance in the US will be made at the upcoming InsideAR augmented reality show in mid-may.