Augmented Reality in Navigation

Augmented reality is a growing technology aspect and is hardly surprising anyone, it has grown to be used in various applications and also a lot of e-commerce projects. Augmented reality in essence is the effect of adding computer-generated objects into the real world. For a more comprehensible definition, just think of the Pokémon Go game. In this game, the user would be able to see Pokémon when they looked at their surroundings through their smartphone camera.

When we’re generally finding it difficult to find a particular location, we tend to ask people who pass us by and the answers can be a little confusing or we might face language barriers. Even though maps and geolocation apps partially solve the problem, AR navigation seems to become our true salvation.  Augmented reality in navigation helps ease the process in a very intriguing way and keeps the user engaged throughout the whole experience. With the advancement of augmented reality, the user will be able to see pop up figures that represent the respective locations, details of the locations, and their facilities/ features. This technology appears in different cases, for example in a bus station it can show timings of the buses, it’s routing, and available seats, but in a street full of restaurants and places, it can help you find the most relevant restaurants or ATM’s with Augmented reality in navigation filters. 

Even though the adaptation of this technology may seem complex, once it’s studied it is actually very easy to adapt to and convenient to use.

Reasons to use AR navigation solutions

  • Saves time – Drivers and people traveling prefer real-time traffic data in order to take the best route possible that are displayed by navigation apps. Augmented reality in navigation can provide this to the users and save time as they can figure out the best way possible to reach their destined location along with avoiding traffic jams.
  • More secure – Bringing in such advancements to a normal application, brings in better security. Since this technology will scan the whole area to discover easier/ faster routes it will also increase safe driving by showing guidelines for spaces between vehicles and objects.
  • Attracts tourists – Anything that improves the experience for people visiting any city/ country will be intriguing enough to make them visit it. It will bring in more ease for them in a city that is new. They can also have a complete city tour and exploration of historical places in town.  

Use cases and people who can use AR navigation:

Those who may use AR routing application casually once in a while to find restaurants in the vicinity, for example

  • Tourists who are not familiar with the whereabouts of anything in particular, for whom it would be helpful to walk distinct routes without trying to reorient oneself on the map constantly
  • Creative use of routing such as in cases of quests where players need to use such tools to progress in the game
  • Emergency cases when AR extension may be helpful to find the quickest route or direction towards the hospital or something else
  • These are just scratching the surface — there are many more uses of AR navigation apps opportunities.