Augmented Storybooks.

Most kids often have their devices with them where ever they go or whatever they do. To avoid the negative usage of such devices, augmented reality contributes in numerous ways. It opens new possibilities for children as well as adults and lets their device become a portal to a whole new world. If it is holidays or not, students and children can learn and explore AR books and spend quality time with friends and siblings. AR books will create interaction and may even help toddlers to learn new things because videos are like a go-to method to keep them happy, this way parents also benefit from the constant use of mobile devices by the kids. AR books will improvise storytime and not only become a means of entertainment but also facilitate learning. By the use of simple applications, AR can be in every home acting as magic to the eyes of little children.

AR books are not very different from traditional, physical books, but these are linked to digital content through the aid of technology and AI. Any device that supports smart technology can be used to view the augmented content. Different companies have their own applications to view the content augmented by them. How it works; for example, company A makes an augmented storybook, the content can be viewed by their AR app. The video will play once the phone or mobile device is placed over the traditional printed book. The content could be a simple picture, a video or even audio and it can be as complex as an animated game, 3D figures, and even virtual walkthrough.


Image: The bookseller
“The Ghostkeeper’s Journal” was the first-ever augmented novel written and produced by Carlton Book’s digital creator Japhet Asher. The book won the Future of the Year as it provides immersive experiences along with Carlton’s other offerings such as “Jurassic World”, “Bugs”, “Alien”. The novel consists of more than 32,000 words and comprises of numerous AR experiences to enhance the storyline. All the augmentations can be viewed with the help of the “Ghost-o-Matic” mobile app.

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