Avanta InfoTech, an end-to-end telecommunications infrastructure service provider, is a subsidiary of Arinma Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. The company caters to the specialized infrastructure requirements of telecommunication companies, local operators and public entities, rom network planning including site acquisition, site infrastructure development, to systems installation, commissioning and consulting.


B2B is the company target market. However, the company needed to raise awareness of their solutions among businesses as well as end-users. Businesses had to embrace digital transformation from marketing to sales and day-to-day operations, especially with COVID-19. 

As a result, the company needed to invest more in content marketing in order to translate highly complex and technical solutions into information that the target audience could understand. Finding a suitable brand voice for such complex solutions necessitated extensive research.


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Content marketing is an integral part of social media marketing. Prior to curating the content, we conducted a CompSet analysis and preliminary research on the technology. This allowed GlidAR to curate content that stands out from Avanta & competitors with eye headlines, to educate and inform customers and prospects, and to generate leads, sales, and advocacy. We curated content for Avanta’s three digital channels such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. The nature of content curated range from social media captions to blog articles.