Tribe Yala is a luxury camping site located amidst the wilderness of Yala. Their tents provide the most exclusive glamping experience coupled with the excitement of being in the depths of the jungle while being in close proximity to some of Sri Lanka’s gorgeous nature parks.

Their tents offer luxurious stay for the visitors with all amenities including air-conditioning, personal bathroom facilities and an open air shower. At Tribe Yala, the unique flavors and spices of Sri Lanka are combined to create authentic Sri Lankan cuisine


As a new entrant to the hospitality industry, we had to create awareness and interest among target audience. Social media opened the doors for a wider social presence to Tribe Yala. However the market is fragmented with multiple players ranging from budget to luxury accommodation in Yala.

Tribe Yala provides an unmatched experience of nature, adventure, luxury and privacy. It was a challenge to adopt a unique approach that creates interest and grows audience.


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Our approach to Tribe Yala’s social media strategy was originality than imitation. We adopted a storytelling approach using persuasive language, expression of experiences through images, details of services provided at Tribe Yala, and consistently creating engaging and optimistic content.

We segregated each activity at Tribe Yala including BBQ bonfire dinner, treehouse breakfast, and outside excursions and safaris with attention to detail. The location is key to Tribe Yala, as is one of the most iconic natural destinations in Sri Lanka with a wealth of wildlife. We promoted Yala as a must-see natural wonders of Sri Lanka with Tribe Yala as the accommodation partner.

Emphasis on the experiential factor and persuasive language helped to grow the audience by over 300% organically within a span of six months across Facebook and Instagram. The luxury of Tribe Yala was expressed in the details of curated content. Showcasing the intricate details of Tribe Yala enhanced customer reach and customer engagement by over 80%. Consistent interaction led to inquiries and conversions through social media platforms. Overall sales improved by 50%.