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GlidAR is an Augmented Reality (AR) app. AR is a technologically revolutionized software that integrates digital- visual content (even audio and other types) into the users’ real world via computer-generated perceptual information, creating an interactive experience for the user with only a click. GlidAR is developed as an advertising tool integrating AR with Marketing. By creating a platform of this nature GlidAR’s main focus is for businesses to promote their products and services, and users to enjoy the privilege of getting a holistic understanding of what they purchase (via our interactive media) by simply downloading the app and scanning over the integrations.

GlidAR is now trending as the hottest new Augmented Reality App due to its 2 main features (listed below)

The AR camera works by deploying virtual images over real-world objects. The overlay is executed right away with the input received from the camera thus bringing virtual objects into the surrounding environment via AR technology.
Our app is ideally compatible to display, text, images, 2D/3D graphics, animations, 360 videos and all other encrypted physical objects or/and printed content as interactive media.

When a business is listed under any of our popular classifications; Hotels, Restaurants, Real Estate and Outlets, GlidAR will exclusively develop it to take it directly to its target market without having to go through the ordeal of mainstream marketing mayhems.
As an exciting add-on businesses can also enter their grand promos via the app for users to spot and splurge.


GlidAR is your modern-day marketing tool created for businesses to become the early adopters of the rapidly advancing technological gimmicks. Our platform gives businesses the opportunity to connect with their customers in an effective way via its 2 primary functions;

GlidAR is a life style app focusing on bringing the best of deals and discounts to a broader market in Sri Lanka. Creating a central platform to communicate promotional deals, users have instant access to avail the discounts through the app and clients will be able to benefit from transactions of high volume due to impulsive behaviors. This behavior is driven through discounting schemes to ensure both client and user satisfaction.

AR has shifted from marketing’s “Next Best Thing” to “Hottest New Trend” in a blink of an eye, making it essential and important for businesses to exist in today’s technologically advancing market place.
For businesses, the appeal of augmented reality lies with engagement. The interactive experiences lead users to develop closer relationships with the brand. With AR, opportunities for a business are endless and limitless, be it; a hotel giving its potential guests a 360-degree tour around a room even before they check-in, a customer interested in real estate having the option of customizing the interior as per their preference, restaurants that can advertise exciting, new promotions that draws customer attention and outlets.
that can sell their products and services by engaging with the customers!
GlidAR is not only about business, giving an entertaining twist to the app we have recognized and augmented key locations that enhance the history and heritage of Sri Lanka to give our users a unique AR tour around the country. All sites and locations are listed in the app for your viewing pleasure.
GlidAR is developed to deliver; be it by creating a strong brand image through listing your business or by dramatically increasing customer-engagement via promotions that reach your target audience directly. Better yet our users can even sit back, relax and experience the wonders of Sri Lanka with just a click of a button!

GlidAR will only work on devices that are AR compatible

To increase user optimization GlidAR has introduced promo codes that could be used to redeem the value of the bill. Codes will be given out in random order for lucky winners who scan our markers placed in selected business outlets promoting customized, one of a kind offers designed by us. Lucky winners can submit the promo code to the cashier upon paying the bill to get their fair share of the bill redeemed!
To increase our client -business optimization, AR markers will be strategically placed to attract and increase customer inflow to outlets. Markers are made available via our very own, now trending magazine: GLIDAR to be scanned via the app.

Markerless AR uses sensors in devices to correctly detect the real-world environment, such as the locations of walls and points of intersection. This allows users to check out different combinations of objects, styles and location into a real context without needing to read an image. Markerless AR is ideally used for applications that do not require an “anchor” to the real world (meaning virtual objects will appear to “float” in mid-air!) or/and if the user wants to place a 3D augmented reality object onto a flat surface to increase realism (like placing a lamp onto a table)

Virtual Reality replaces the real world with a simulated one whilst Augmented Reality “supplements” the material on the nearby real world by making it interactive and bringing it to life-like. Virtual reality removes you from the real world and transports you to a different dimension, whereas Augmented Reality allows individuals to be present while amplifying the world around you.

Content creation is the king of digital space. For a technologically advanced platform like Augmented Reality, content is vital for creating an impact. We help you create digital assets and give you tailored solutions based on the industry you are in.