GlidAR at the 75th Bradby Shield Encounter.

The Bradby Shield Encounter, largely known as ‘The Bradby’ is the annual rugby match that is played between two schools in the country, Royal college Colombo and Trinity College Kandy. The match consists of two legs, one which is played in Colombo and the second leg is played in Kandy and thereafter winner is decided according to the aggregate of scores. This match is a very important social event in Sri Lanka attracting a tremendous number of bystanders and is the most watched rugby match in the country.

Since 1977, the interact club of Royal college publishes the “The Bradby Shield Souvenir” to mark the legacy of the Colombo leg of the match and in 2019 GlidAR collaborated with the Royal college for the 75th Bradby Shield Encounter, this time actually marking our legacy by enhancing visualization and creating an immersive experience for the readers. GlidAR augmented their school souvenir book and embedded it with exciting video clips. This brings life to the post cards which can be enjoyed by anyone with the help of the GlidAR app. These covers were printed in a creative manner to bring out the enthusiasm of the players and viewers giving them a virtually real experience of this famous rugby union.

GlidAR brings out the best of your imagination with the AR experiences, helping you re-live the moment just like in reality. Once augmented, these card will always remain augmented, certainly help you view the content with the same momentum every single time. Establishing AR for the 75th Bradby is nerve touching for the participants as this has been continuing from the year 1945 and is uninterrupted ever since leading to GlidAR playing a pivotal role in this introduction. This helped GlidAR create more brand awareness through this promotional event as the game attracts more than 20,000 spectators and is watched live or post match by million others.

Since AR assists imagination, with feet of foot, GlidAR was equipped and was gladly present at the 140th Royal Thomian big match as well. The Royal Thomian big match is celebrated as the “Battle of the Blues” because part of the flag colors being Blue of both, Royal college Colombo and St. Thomas’ college Mount Lavinia and is the annual cricket match played between these two schools since 1879. The match is filled with tradition and colors, bringing out cultures of both schools that have been lived up to since the beginning of time. The grounds have tents and are decorated with flags and Baila singing can be heard all around the ground along with other dancing groups during the match is commencing and even on the days leading up to it.

GlidAR introduced augmented reality in its 140 years of history to manifest and fascinate individuals with the help of player videos, match scores and statistics and much more being printed utilizing and implying augmented features on the pages of these souvenir books, both for Royal and Thomian. The souvenirs were being bought by an escalating number of visitors. It was prominent and transparent for GlidAR to conclude and witness the peak in the number of downloads after these two campaigns. For several weeks, GlidAR app was in the top trending local list on both play store and App store. This was a turning point for GlidAR as it is reaching a new height in the AR/XR market in Sri Lanka, playing a key role in this rebellion market. GlidAR’s analytics showed that there were more than 7000 unique AR scans which stockpiled more than 100,000 social media impressions. GlidAR’s distinctive marketing techniques have granted us the ability to outweigh the much older, conventional AR/XR contestants within the matter of 2-3 months since the time of our launch to the market.