Meepl for people: AR Avatar.

Having the basic Augmented reality features integrated into daily activities can be very convenient and is appreciated by a large audience. Augmented reality has been a very pleasing market and has been growing ever since its introduction. One of the most important collaborations of AR has to be with retail, which brings great ease to eCommerce users and suppliers. Augmented reality in retail has worked like magic, companies can now showcase their products to a wider range of audiences and can target the traditional buyers who would want to see the product before buying it. By integrating augmented reality, the market allows the businesses to represent a visual outlook of the product to its customer, this excludes images and videos but represents data more into the real-world environment. The customers can place the markerless, replicated figures of the product they are willing to purchase in their living room, if it’s furniture, on their feet if it is shoes and even more personal things such as lipstick shades and makeup products.

Meepl is the new 3D body scanning solution that will do wonders for retailers. The customer can create a personal Avatar by clicking only two photographs in specific positions. Launched in the latter month of November, Meepl has been developed by the engineering graduated at the prestigious university ETH Zurich in Switzerland. Meepl needs data restricted to only these two pictures and will use this information to create an Avatar using AI and can create more than 45 body measurements for trying on clothes and can be comparable to using a professional tailor. Users can make the 3D body Avatar to try on clothes in Meep’s virtual dressing room, to identify which garment would fit them best. 41 percent of buyers purchase clothes in multiple sizes online, to check which fits them best and have a mindset of returning the rest. This has let the return rates increase drastically. However, 21 percent avoid shopping online altogether. The purpose of Meepl is to reduce return rates and encourage traditional buyers to start purchasing online more and more.

Credit to Meepl

Despite many retailers adopt the “AI fit on” method, Meepl believes it is one of its kind to create an Avatar in just two images. “Retail businesses are increasingly focused on developing and improving the online shopping experience for customers. Technology has developed exponentially over the last few years and realms of what is now possible are exciting for both retailers and shoppers,” said Meepl Chief Executive Ferdinand Metzler.