Augmented Reality

GlidAR is the only dedicated augmented reality solution provider, helping our clients to create an interactive platform for advertising by implementing AR features and to let the viewers have a holistic experience. 

Social Media Management

Digital marketing is on the rise and it has become very crucial to maintain these platforms, with the helping hand of GlidAR you can overcome these barriers with ease. Easier communication with your customers and to your customers through social media and GlidAR. 

Website Development

Making the first impression, the right impression is really important for your business and we’re here to take care of it for you. Express your business most comprehensively through the  layouts and content that communicate your product or service

App Development

Attention to detail and the perfect implementation of your ideas is our way of promptly giving life to your vision. Bring us a concept and we assure you that the delivery stands up to your expectations.

Content Creation

GlidAR is helping you adapt to unique ways of presenting your content because the way you communicate something is more important than what you’re communicating. Well, your worries have been attended to and we will do the best for you.


SEO is not just a tool, it’s a way of life. Optimizing your content will not only make your business look more intriguing on social media but also help you convey your business to the right audience.