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LG Uplus Augmented reality glasses

The South Korean telecommunications firm, LG uplus says that they will launch 5G powered augmented reality (AR) glasses and it is going to be the world’s first-ever AR glasses that will be commercialized in a business-to-consumer (B2C) model. The AR glass is to be launched in the third quarter of the year according to LG Uplus. They have joined hands and collaborated with a Chinese mixed reality product developer Nreal in order to make this a success. These AR glasses are called Nreal Light and fitting like normal glasses, they only weigh about 88 grams (3 ounces).

The product supports Android-powered devices and the company then added that they haven’t come to a conclusion as to how much they are going to price this at but the high-tech eyewear retails at $499 overseas and is exclusively tailored for industrial and professional use for now. The smartphone/ mobile devices act as a handheld controller for the AR glasses and provides them with a tethered connection, offering a 52-degree field of view at 1080 pixels. LG says they hope that this augmented reality headset will be able to attract more customers to its 5G service as users can enjoy gaming content and can consume this on a wide a virtual screen capable of enlarging YouTube videos up to 100 inches in size. They will be able to enjoy more multimedia and gaming content.  

The launch will be done in Korea as a means of testing the product and how the public adopts it as there are more similar products like the Google Glasses and as they exclusively target corporate clients. Nreal, a company that strives to identify the full potential of mixed reality and empowers developers to create groundbreaking applications that will propel a new era of entertainment and productivity is owned by the Bilging-based Hangzhou Tairuo Technology Co.

LG Uplus has actively been expanding their presence in the AR sector and also said that it plans to create an AR ecosystem that will help software and business developers to develop applications freely for the AR glasses. To mark their foot of expansion in the AR sector, LG Uplus joined hands with Nreal, an AR software startup to develop these 5G based AR solutions. It has also announced a partnership with Google on AR content development, reports Yonhap news agency. The features of this AR glass have been quite interesting to listen to. Kim Sang-yup, a public relations manager at LG Uplus had said that the users can resize a single screen or even multiple screens and move around the virtual screen as they wish to. He said, “For instance, you could watch YouTube on one end of the subway while you are on the move and browse websites on the other end.” He also added that “since they are mixed-reality glasses, you have your surroundings as the background and you can adjust the screen’s concentration.” The telecommunications company will allow customers to test the device at 24 LG U+ stores nationwide but only LG U+ subscribers are allowed to buy the Nreal Light.