GlidAR forms a background of industrious team members, bringing the best of our services at your utmost ease. First, for those new to this tech; Augmented Reality (AR). This feature usually works through a smartphone or tablet, to augment the real world. This is done by adding an extra layer on the viewer’s physical surroundings and this layer may involve an animation to enhance user experience, a 3D model, a game, a combination of images and even sound or video. All depicted to emphasize and create a pioneering experience for the viewer. Great thing about AR is that it is used as a bridge between the physical world and the digital one. This is obtained through employing a print piece with a marker.

One of the most straight forward methods of implementing AR into a print piece is with a video and GlidAR brings you the supremely designed lifestyle magazine with precise details in augmenting this very piece to embellish your sitting furniture and to give you a whole new experience. However, clever marketers are pushing limits of AR by incorporating motion graphics, animation and 3D atmospheres. With the need of indicating marketers, GlidAR is the only dedicated AR solution provider and helps you portray a new depiction of your product. Be it; augmenting 3D visualization features in school text books, helping students discover the 3D figures like how it would be in real. Or even augmenting packages of milk cartons to show accurate calorie consumption. GlidAR has built a platform so strong, it can over perform various obstacles of options provided by our clients.

GlidAR doesn’t stop at this, it helps the audience to comprehend how to do something and helping them to discover, learn and cognize new concepts and may vary to be in any form that our clients prefer. With the assistance of AR, GlidAR delivers more information about the products and services that our clients have, to supply to the market by crafting evergreen print pieces and helping you save money. AR astonishes and delights people, and is still such a new and exciting technological feature. Hence, GlidAR comprising of such a component puts us in a premier position and gives us the ability to incentivize people through print pieces to interact with the digital channels of brands that belong to our clients.

Whether you’re teaching people something new or engaging an audience that is already familiar with your brand, GlidAR can use AR tech strategically at every step of the customer journey to acquire new leads, increase loyalty among the existing customers and help you grow your business. Since communication can be improvised with an interactive involvement through AR, GlidAR builds a finest possible bridge between the gap print digital has in terms to mobile communications. GlidAR adds value to the brand by listing the promotions our clients have, to offer which is likely to attract the increased engagement of the audience and create a long term response. However, also helps us to be relevant in an increasingly mobile world. On the contrary, AR and print are an ideal pairing for marketers looking to maximize their return on both print and digital channels. This gives GlidAR a former position in comparison to the other AR print solution providers as we have this ideal pair in hand and at service. AR is still a new, emerging, and a very risky market but however has great potential and bringing ease at your convenience means that GlidAR has already tested the market for you and is readily available for our clients to enhance advertising, education etc. AR print with GlidAR doesn’t restrict our clients to only have an engaging experience but, brings you more information through GlidAR’s lifestyle magazine; the first ever augmented reality based magazine in Sri Lanka. The magazine consists of sectors that you can explore with the help of digital print, and by scanning through the GlidAR app which is always relevant for our target market. Making the information as informative as possible and by adding creativity with our area of expertise; augmented reality. After the publishing of our magazine, GlidAR witnessed 10,000 plus unique scans and a 100% bounce rate. This proves that our audience has been enquiring about GlidAR and has been gaining further information after the digital print, through visiting our websites, therefore the 100% bounce rate. This has also increased the number of readers and creates more interaction for the readers on the AR platform as the magazine is completely equipped with digital print.