Work from home – A blessing in disguise?

It has been over a year since the first case of the coronavirus was identified. And since then the pandemic has massively affected our lifestyles. This virus originated the “New Normal” concept that almost all of us were forced to adapt to. When we dig deeper into this New Normal ideology it includes some activities like always wearing masks, no large public gathering, and working from home. 

Remote working is not a whole new concept that came around recently. This type of working method was around for a couple of years, especially in the information technology industry. But work from home was not necessarily a day where you have to work during office hours and follow a strict schedule as we do now. It was more like a paid holiday that employees take to spend some time at home and take a break from the stressful office environment. But since most companies have requested the employees to work remotely daily the employers demand efficiency and are forced to provide a heavy workload as well.

Businesses across various industries have been compelled to close the doors to their offices and shops and move into a more remote working situation with technology on hand. This demands businesses to utilize the online space for advertising, sales, and customer relations and therefore most companies have realized the importance of optimizing their online presence.  

Global lockdowns and widespread curfews have left customers with no choice but to rely on online purchases. This provides an open door to businesses to capitalize on this and increase their sales. With the number of online consumers increasing daily, companies that were slow to adapt from the traditional selling methods have seen a massive decline in sales and a threat to its perpetual succession. 

Companies can reduce the risk of employees getting infected by remotely working and this will also provide a safer working environment for the employee. Apart from the pandemic, working from home has its merits for both the company and the employees. Businesses can save on electricity, water, rent, and various other employee-related expenses while the employees can work more comfortably at home and can save on transportation as well. 

Your business must have a robust online presence to cater to a large number of online users. Make sure your platforms are open to customer interactions. i.e., allowing guests to publish blogs on your site. The stronger your online presence, the bigger the threat you become to your competitors. Working remotely might be difficult for some of us since we may feel isolated or communication is interrupted etc.  but it gives numerous opportunities to both parties. In the middle of a pandemic. It’s best to work remotely since multiple platforms and technologies are available to use to communicate effectively. Humans were always known to adapt according to the required situation so if you think this pandemic has affected your company then take a look at the internet and you’ll find your solution.